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Young men in Daudu town had complained last week about missing male reproductive organs at an alarming rate.

Caleb Ana, Chairman of Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, has imposed a 12-hour curfew on Daudu community after days of unrest due to allegations of lacking penises.

Young guys in Daudu city had complained last week approximately missing male reproductive organs at an alarming charge.

They claimed a few individuals of the community were liable for their lacking organs and have when you consider that been on rampage.

Irate teenagers had attacked a police station, threatening to burn it down over the development.

Ana even as speaking with journalists in Makurdi on Wednesday said the curfew may be between 8:00pm to six:00am each day till the security situation progressed and calm became restored.

He stated, “The reason we imposed curfew is that the youths within the Daudu network have raised alarm and accused positive folks of removing their genitals; male and lady organs.

“They went beforehand to burn down the properties of those they suspected and even killed a pastor of the church whom they accused of being accountable.

“We talked to them and pleaded with them to permit the regulation to take its course. Even the governor of the state went there himself to speak to them.

“But ultimate Monday, the youths mobilized and went to police station in Daudu and threatened to burn it down accusing a further man whom they beat to a country of unconsciousness whilst accusing him of casting off a person’s genital organ.

“So it have become an excessive amount of and it appeared they may reason greater destruction if they are allowed to be moving approximately freely.

“That calls for the location of curfew within the community, from 8:00pm to six:00am. It will last up to they’re ready to relaxation.”

The LG boss delivered that a famous motorbike rider have been arrested in reference to the incident.

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