Marriage canceled after a lady fine out her fiancé tried to pay her bride price with ‘looted palliatives’ | The9jafresh

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she turned down her fiancé’s offer and marriage plans after he tried to pay her bride price with suspected looted COVID-19 palliatives.

According to the lady, her decision to reject him was because she felt they cannot depend only on noodles alone.

The lady with Twitter handle, @freedom_fyta, took to her account to reveal that her fiancé came to her house with his kinsmen, to pay for her bride price, but she was shocked to see that they came with some packs of indomie noodles, which looked like COVID-19 palliative noodles.

“I rejected him last month after he intended to use the looted palliatives to pay bride price…shey na indomie we want chop?

“My fiance came to my house with his kinsmen to pay my bride price with some packs of indomie noodles suspected to be looted COVID-19 palliatives.

“I can’t marry a looter, because he’s not trustworthy.”

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