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There is a video displaying a Nigerian soldier displaying madness after taking tough drugs, colorado, that’s presently circulating on social media.

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The video turned into published on Twitter by way of GidiTraffic with the caption “Once again, Colorado isn’t weed!”

The soldier become visible displaying uncontrollable individual as he embarrassingly flew from the chair to the ground.

Surrounded by way of a floor of guys who stored watching the soldier who became on uniform. They were amazed but couldn’t manage him or repair him again to his senses.

According to human beings who’ve witnessed such incident, he’ll preserve hallucinating until he blacks out. If he’s lucky sufficient, he will wake up without bruises throughout his frame nor will he have excruciating pains.

‘colorado’, is a cocktail of psychotropic drug presently trending amongst Nigeria’s younger revelers, specially young adults and children.

‘colorado’ is one of the traces of banned substances that drug addicts and unsuspecting new entrants test with in Nigeria; frequently in Lagos, which the United Nations 2018 drug use information says has a excessive general use of psychotropic substances.

The use of COLORARO can purpose a few serious side consequences which include intellectual health troubles, psychosis and from time to time, zombie-like kingdom which might take a long time to get over. It has additionally been acknowledged to purpose loss of life.

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