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– According to the Nollywood actress, men who endure toxic relationships because their partners bring food to the table should leave those relationships.

– This comes barely a week after she warned gay men against marrying women and frustrating their lives.

Nollywood actress, Adaeze Eluke, is back in the news and this time, she came with yet another relationship advice for men in toxic relationships.

According to the movie star, men who stay with unfaithful, abusive and manipulative women because they are the breadwinners, need to leave such relationships as they wouldn’t die of hunger.

Adaeze has advised men in toxic relationships to get out.

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Source: Instagram

She went on to add that such men should end the marriage by going back to collect the brideprice paid on these women. To the single men, she advised that they ‘run for their lives’.

“Hey bro if she cheats,manipulates and abuses you physically behind close door because she brings food to the table, go collect back bride price wey you pay.If you haven’t married her, run for your life.You will not die of hunger ,Soro Soke Sir.”

Only a while ago, sent out an interesting message to gay men who marry women despite being attracted to men.

Due to gay marriages being criminalised in Nigeria, many people hide under heterosexual unions to continue living their lives.

There have been numerous reports of women finding out about their husband’s sexual preference after they have already walked down the aisle.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress stated that she had nothing against gay men but advised them against making the lives of these women miserable by wedding them.

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