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Twitter influencer, Motara has disclosed her intentions to kneel down and apologise to the child beggar who she mocked some days ago.

We reported few days ago that a Twitter influencer, Motara, went viral after being filmed while enticing a poor child beggar with a bottle of drink only to leave her hanging.

In the video, Motara is seen driving in traffic when a child beggar walks up to her window to beg.

Motara motions with her bottle of drink, asking if the child wants to drink and she nods. With the window still up, Motara places the mouth of the bottle near the girl’s mouth.

She came under heavy flack for her actions as Nigerians as well as Americans and Frenchmen bashed her online, and she lost membership of a charity organization she was part of.

In a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin, Motara said she has been having difficulty sleeping and eating.

According to the social media personality, she has been going back to the same spot where she mocked the little beggar to look for her.

She added that whenever she sees the young girl, she plans to go down on her knees and beg for forgiveness because her life is in shambles.

Watch her speak below:

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