Video: Woman accuses her husband of not loving her because he could not buy Range Rover for her on her birthday | The9jafresh

A footage is currently trending on video-sharing social media platform, TikTok, showing the moment a woman accused her husband of saying he does not love her.

According to the woman known as Sereen, she and her husband have been married for a year.

The day the video was recorded was her birthday and she accused her husband who she expected to shower her with love and gifts, of saying that he does not love her.

When she changed the camera angle to show her husband’s face, he appeared confused as to why she would say that. He said he never made such statement.

But when Sereen asked him what he said, the man replied that all he said was that he could not buy her a Range Rover, then she retorted that it is the same thing.

The video which has been shared by multiple users has gotten over 150,000 likes already.

Watch the video below:


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