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Nigerians have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the report that First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has relocated to Dubai, UAE for over three months, citing insecurity at the Aso Rock Villa.

SaharaReporters had on Tuesday, December 15, reported that the First Lady, had been in Dubai on personal reasons, since September 2020 after the wedding of her daughter, Hanan.

The report stated that Aisha insisted on not returning soon, despite spending over three months, as she reportedly stated that the Aso Villa was not secure for her family.

The security concern was fueled a shooting incident which occurred in June and caused some panic among occupants of the Villa.

SaharaReporters reports that a source, on Tuesday made the disclosure about the First Lady’s relocation.

Aisha Buhari has relocated quietly to Dubai. She has been travelling even before the daughter’s wedding. For three months now, she has been there. She cited insecurity in the Villa after that shooting incident, the source had said.

Many Nigerians has questioned the commitment of government to tackle the growing cases of insecurity, asking where else would be safe if the First Lady does not feel safe in Aso Rock.

@Realhelenozor said;

Aisha Buhari doesn’t feel safe at the Villa.. she had to relocate to Dubai. A First Lady that doesn’t feel safe in her own country. This country is messed up mehn… From one sad news to another.


Miliki first lady has travelled to enjoy herself at the expense of the taxpayers in the Country. If she travelled based on alleged insecurity in Aso Rock, what does she expect the citizens living in fear to say? It’s not her fault, blame those who voted for PMB in 2015 & 2019.


The rich up north, have either relocated to Abuja or overseas, you now ask, what is the fate of poor Nigerians who don’t have money to relocate anywhere?!!


This is where these countries should come out and help…they should have told her it’s a shame if she as the first lady of a country, runs too reside in another country because of insecurities in a whole presidential suite of her country..she should go back home nd FIX IT!!


I sha know one day, one day, the truth would be revealed, as you can’t hide a thing forever. No doubt, something is fishy in that family. Perhaps the man we know is not really the man we think we know. Not too sure, but I know something is not adding up.

Hmmm! After setting the country on fire economically, security wise etc & causing human blood to flow like water & properties destroyed, relocation to a safe country with d South resources is dr next move. The God of vengeance is alive to take vengeance & rain His anger like fire.

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