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– Nigerian pastor, Emmanuel Iren, recently expressed concern over the growing number of blasphemous movies about Jesus Christ

– In a recent tweet, he stated that Christians may have to stop using the streaming service

– Reacting to the tweet, Nollywood actor Femi Jacobs pointed out that he gives offering in church from the proceeds of film making

– Jacobs also pointed out that there were Christian movies available on the streaming app as well

Nollywood actor, Femi Jacobs, recently got into it with a pastor identified as Emmanuel Iren over his views about Netflix and the call to boycott the streaming service app.

Iren had earlier taken to Twitter to express the need for Christians to boycott Netflix soon.

This, however, did not sit well with Jacobs.

He responded to the tweet, asking how else filmmakers would generate revenue if Netflix is boycotted.

Using himself as an example, Jacobs explained that the offering he gives in church comes from his earnings as a Nollywood actor.

Femi Jacob disapproved of Iren’s post about boycotting Netflix. Photo credit: @femijacobs, @pst_iren
Source: Instagram

He went on to point out that there were other options available on Netflix such as Christian movies.

He wrote:

“Pastor Sir, I am an actor and many of my films are on there. I give my offerings from the proceeds of working in Nollywood. God Calling is on there too, it’s a faith based film. Advise me, where will we be selling our films, Sir?”

See the exchange below:

To this, Iren responded, explaining that just like how people suffered during the #EndSARS protest for the collective good of Nigerians, so would it be for Christians until Netflix stopped the portrayal of Jesus Christ as gay or a drunk.

See his tweet below:

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