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A man who loves to have a close-knitted, private and morally upright family, has reportedly decided to end his marriage over his wife’s baby shower photos.

His pregnant wife had a baby shower and she took photos of herself wearing only pant and bra, however what irked her husband was when she uploaded the photos online.

According to a Twitter user named Tosin, who shared the story, the husband was not happy about it and opted to divorce her.

Tosin also sought people’s opinion on whether the man in question was right or wrong for choosing to divorce his wife over the nude photos.

@Edward_Onoriode commented; As a man/woman, you should know what your partner like & dislike.

Yes, it’s her body but, she’s married to someone & she should know if her hubby will be proud if she upload such pics online.

Personally, I won’t allow my wife display her nude online in the name of baby shower.

@OziomaRosemary replied; Exactly, though I think divorcing her was way too far.

Here is the thing. If you love a man enough to marry him, you should leave room for sacrifices and compromise. In as much as you want to shout “IT’s MY BODY” up and down. The man should be considered when making decisions. If he doesn’t want you posing half-naked online…

…please consider his stand. Women are quick to do some shits and claim right, flip the coin: let the man (her husband) pose with just boxers with (erected penis, probably) on social media, will this woman applaud him?

If she will, then I rest my case.

However, the man should have solved this without opting for divorce though…

What do I know? How e take concern me self? I still dey wait for Santa to brink me a Christmas gift.

@Ikenga_04; U don’t have to be a Playboy model from someone’s house…

The man’s action is a result of accumulated anger and divorcing her is better than going confrontational.

But Las Las… People should marry there type shaa. My wife does that, I’m sure the marriage is dead too

@iamholuwarbummy; He is right to be angry but divorce isn’t the way

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