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Catherine Udeh, a Nigerian Disc Jockey popularly known as DJ Switch, has urged the youths to lend their voices to the #EndSARS campaign or risk being killed by insecurity, poverty and other challenges in the country.

The entertainer, who filmed the shooting of protesters at Lekki toll gate in Lagos on October 20, shared a video of her speaking on her Instagram page Monday night.

DJ Switch, while acknowledging the movement could be challenging, said remaining silent would amount to resigning to continue enduring the situation of things in the country.

In her words;

“We’re up against people that have all the power, money, resources and control all the security arms. It’s like being thrown into a gunfight with a stick. How do you win a fight like that, so yes, it’s very demoralising…”.

“I get it so we switched off. But please allow me to remind you of the people who cannot switch it off. Those who can never again think of how to make their daily breads. The real heroes that died for you and me.

“Look, there are two options as l see it. One l like to call the short term option and the second l call the long term option. Mind you both options have the same outcome. Short term option, we go out there, screaming at the top of our voices demanding change, we want our country back, standing on our constitutional rights and knowing the government we have, they just waste all of us in the end.

“The second long-term option, we do nothing, we still die, maybe one by one but we will still die off either from poverty, a very poor health sector and security personnel.

“Let me tell you something that might be difficult for you to swallow: you and l are most likely to die before these our leaders. With all the money that they’ve stolen, these leaders have access to the best medical care, but what can you and l brag of? People die in hospitals because there’s no proper medical attention.

“In terms of security, our leaders are also well guarded by the police and even the army. Before armed robbers go to our leaders, they come to us first, who do we have guiding us. These people have peace of mind and they sleep well in their air-conditioned homes.

“So, pick one, long term or short term because it’s the same outcome. Nobody should be forced to do anything. Everyone is trying to stay alive so it’s understandable. But please, these people have all the power and resources, but we only have one power which is our voice and we must use it in whatever capacity that we can.

“When we don’t see #EndSARS on the Twitter trends or talk about it, the people that are trying to help us will think maybe nothing is really happening.

“Maybe government has given in to the demands of the people. I can assure you that there are people fighting for us. You can take my words to the bank, people are fighting for us, let us help them, let us be part of the solution.”

Watch her video below:

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