Most divorce cases are caused by women because they hide their characters during courtship – Nigerian man | The9jafresh

A man simply identified Onyedika, has stirred controversy on social media over his statement, accusing women of being responsible for the high rate of divorce in Nigeria.

According to Onyedika, most divorce cases are caused by women who pretended during the courting period but revealed their true selves after getting married.

Speaking via Facebook, he explained that no man would want to spend huge sum of money on wedding arrangements only to end up getting divorced.

The young man added it is only when the wife’s bad character becomes glaring and unbearable that her husband would consider calling it quits with the union.

Onyedika wrote;

“Most divorce cases are caused by women because some of them hide their characters during courtship.

No man will like to divorce after spending much money to marry, it’s only a bad character of the woman will make him to consider such. Truth be told!”

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