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Nollywood actress, Etinosa has called out her colleague, Stella Damascus for advising women and young girls not to allow a man to disrespect their body during premarital sex.

According to Stella Damasus in her latest episode of “Ask Stella”, an online talk show, ladies shouldn’t engage in premarital sex with their boyfriends unless they are married to them. Stella added that any “Lady who allows a man who sleeps with her when he has not married her doesn’t have much respect for her.

Reacting to the video; Etinosa via her Instagram stories asserted that lovemaking between two consenting adults shouldn’t be about respect.

She wrote;

”Motivational speakers with ring light, please avoid me.

You say

A man sleeps with a woman without marriage or protection he’s disrespecting her body?? Is she not sleeping with him back? Two lovers, arent they both sleeping with each other?? Which one is disrespect again. That means the woman is disrespecting the man’s body too na. How come the disrespect is to the woman alone?? What even concern respect with lovemaking between two consenting adults sef? Africa!!

Whether you are a man or woman promiscuity is wrong. Don’t make it a woman thing

A single man will sleep with 10girls he’s awesome (even if he’s married) but a single woman sleeps with 3 men its shameful, disrespect. Double standards much!

Let’s end some backwards thinking narrative in 2021 abeg. While some women are fighting this way of thinking, some other women are working so hard to strengthen it and shame their fellow woman. To gain what really? You want to use your fellow woman to do pickmesha”

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