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Actress, Kate Henshaw has shared a video where she blasted online trolls who are coming for celebrities over Racheal Oniga’s death.

According to Kate, some social media trolls have been dragging and Insulting her colleagues for not posting Racheal Oniga’s photos on her Instagram page to mourn her.

Kate said that they are humans too and their feelings need to be respected because people mourn differently.

In her words;

“You can not tell people how to mourn or feel about certain deaths. People that they have had relationships with and people they have known… I am one of these people… It’s so sad…Aunty Racheal’s death is a sad loss… But then, you mobile mourners police… have been trolling people’s pages and asking why have you not posted… Don’t do that.. you don’t know how people have chosen to mourn… Not everyone does public display of affection…Don’t do it and if you bring it to my page, I am going to block you… Leave people to mourn the way they choose.. okay? Stop being nosy”

“The video captures it all. no more words needed… #StopBeingNosy StopTrollingForMourners #RIP Aunty Rachel” Kate wrote.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to this;

@moabudu wrote “Thank you for speaking your truth”

@itshelenpaul wrote “Public display of affection is not everyone’s thing. Mostly when it is not a good news.”


@funkesworld wrote “This social media thing has opened room for any one who on a normal ground can’t even walk up to one and spit rubbish . Most of these people doing this are so frustrated with themselves so they tend to dish it out unto others.
May aunty Racheal soul Rest In Peace and God console those she left behind. Amen”

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