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Half-Cameroonian, Half-Deltan Nigerian actress, Ferrari Anthonia Okoro in this interview opens up on her acting journey, what turns her on in a man, challenges of being a Nigerian actress amongst other issues.

How has life been since you relocated to the U.S and released two movies?

America is way different from Nigeria, apart from acting job, you have a regular job. Here, I have a regular job. I work for like 10 to 12 hours. It’s okay and different from Nigeria. I recently released two movies. Right now, I just finished shooting one more and I am working on releasing three others. To God be the glory.

Does acting alone pay your bills, what other things do you do?

Acting cannot pay your bills in the US, I am working right here. Acting isn’t paying my bills right here.

What will you regard as your most challenging movie role?

Challenging role? I am yet to act a challenging role. I actually look forward to acting a role that will stretch me. If one is not stretched, there is no way you can get better and improve.

Do you have a godfather or godmother in Nollywood?

Oh yes I do. Uncle Yomi Fashlanso is my godfather. He convinced me to stay back here. Aunty Jaiye Kuti is my godmother everybody knows. If not for Uncle Yomi, I won’t come to stay here. He was the one that convinced me.

Do you see yourself marrying an actor? If no why?

Oh no, I cannot marry an actor. I am too possessive. I am a jealous person. I know it’s acting, but I don’t want someone that would do the same job like me. I want someone outside of my industry.

What is the weirdest thing a man has ever done for you?

Nowadays nothing is weird. Weird things have become normal things nowadays. I cannot recall weird things a man has done for me.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for money?

I have not done any crazy thing for money. All my life anybody that knows me would attest to the fact that I don’t do it. My dad taught me how to work and earn money. I have that at the back of my mind. I don’t do crazy stuffs for money. I work and earn my money. I don’t go for anything I cannot afford. If I want something and it is essential to my life and career, I would save towards it. I would never do anything crazy for money

Has an actor ever been sexually aroused acting with you and how did that make you feel?

When I started out in Nollywood. I avoided sexual scenes. When I saw that people were beginning to stereotype me, I decided to start acting some romantic scenes with a bit of kiss. For now, I don’t think I have observed that. I will not be comfortable if an actor get aroused acting with me. It’s just acting. I have not experienced it.

Does sexual harassment truly exist in Nollywood? Have you ever been a victim?

Sexual harassment exists everywhere not just in Nollywood. There are people who cannot control themselves and they use their positions to take advantage of others. I have not been a victim because I try not to put myself in a position where I will be sexually harassed. I don’t go to movie locations where I am not needed,. I produce my own movies. For those who are just starting out, don’t be desperate for nothing. Don’t lobby for movie scenes. I think if you can prove yourself and know what you have to offer, with time you will get there. Desperation or circumstances make people fall victim to such individuals. I try my best possible not to put myself in a position to be sexually harassed. If anyone tries that with me, I would bring down the sky. I am temperamental. That would never happen, I just try my best not to put myself in that position.

What turns you on in a man?

I like guys that love God. I like guys who are committed in church. The bible says by their fruit you shall know them. Physically, I like guys that smell good. I am light skinned so I like dark guys.

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