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Media personality Denrele Edun in a birthday tribute to actress Funke Akindele on Instagram has recounted how an actress mocked her years ago in class for having a body odor.

“It’s been a long Herculean journey to find inner peace, happiness and fulfillment but look at you now! HIGHEST GROSSING L’OMO!!! Where is that “actre** who said you were smelling back in class years ago?
Or the one who said “their enemy’s” Ugliness and cheap clothes would land them no roles?
Think back on your career trajectory and have a good laugh jare…. You’re a Fighter, a Survivor, Food for our souls, Oxygen we breathe and a Cultural Reset!” Denrele’s birthday post reads in part.

Further sharing different photos of them together in the Instagram post, Denrele wrote “You guys are NOT going anywhere this night!”, Funke yelled at me. However funny the situation was, I could detect the seriousness in her tone.

“Oya! Come and hold us down! This club ehn? We must go tonight!”, I yelled back and made a dash for the door

Quick as lightning, she beat me to the door and sharply locked the door. Took out the keys and tucked them in her PANTIES.

Funke Akindele and Denrele

“AH!” We all screamed out laughing.

“Come and take the keys, now. Shebi you wan go club abi?”, she dared us.

Such a DAREDEVIL…. The Enigma called @funkejenifaakindele !

Funke is so protective of everyone around her and won’t let you outta her sight for a sec!
Gosh, she can be pretty annoying at times that I wanna snatch her wig off her head and bitch-slap her into Amen Estate’s bush but I’ve come to understand that her excesses come from a protective place of love, light, empathy and hidden strength….
An Amazon who walks in her TRUTH and is a Role Model for those who don’t believe it’s safe to walk in theirs!”

Funke Akindele turned 44 earlier this week and she was celebrated by friends, loved ones and colleagues

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