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Popular Lagos socialite and Tonto Dikeh’s ex-friend Lady Golfer has dragged music executive cum blogger Ubi Franklin in the mud and threatens to expose his dirty secrets.

This comes after an anonymous blogger, Cutie_Julls, shared photos of Lady Golfer and Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer which generated several reactions.

Many netizens insinuated that Lady Golfer, who was still friends with Tonto when she took those pictures, said that the Lagos socialite was already making friends with Rosy Meurer before the crash of their friendship.

Reacting to this, Lady Golfer, in a post shared on Instagram, recounts the event surrounding the photos and the person who leaked the photos.

Lady Golfer said she had lodged in a hotel given to Ubi to manage, and Rosy came to see her before heading to the ‘Merry Men’ movie Premiere.

According to the Lagos socialite, Ubi Franklin later joined their conversation, and Rosy requested him to help her take some photos, which he later sent to her.

However, she was surprised to see the photos online, considering Ubi Franklin was the only person with photos except for Rosy Meurer.

Lady Golfer warned Ubi Franklin to avoid anything that concerns her. She added that if he messes with her, she will expose all his dirty stories describing Ubi as a shameless photographer/videographer who is not ready to work but prefers to serve people.

She wrote: Lady golfer wrote: @ubiflanklin or whatever they call you, I absolutely remember the exact date when I lodged into that god-forsaken lonely dead apartment where you served as a boy boy helping someone to mange a hotel that was up for sale.

Rosy came over to see me before heading out for the Merry Men (Yoruba Demon) premier and I helped her adjusted her dress when you walked in and amazed as you no dey take eye see woman. Woman wrapper! You had a conversation and asked to take her pictures which you later airdropped to her phone.

You were the only soul in that place! No other person and aside from Rosy you are the only one who has those pictures. So you are definitely the full house or 3rd eye that works for cutiejullz.

Whatever those pictures are doing on cutiejulls page I don;t get it! but whatever you are trying to insinuate or paint is very little of you. Ass licking is what you do best. Are you that jobless??

What’s the essence of privacy? what you just did is unprofessional and in bad taste. You give a lot of information to them and then act like you are innocent. Your friends need to be careful of you.

If Ubi Franklyn has your pictures he will leak them behind you. Be very woke when dealing with him. He is a very useless individual.

Now listen to me Ubi, this is a stern warning to you. Stay off my name, my business and everything that concerns me. Don’t think messing with me is going to be a walk in pack??

If I hear one more word from you or my name on any blog, I swear when I come for you, CNN sef go carry your dirty stories. Better be the shameless photographer/videographer you are in peace. A boy boy at late 30’s that is not ready to work. Na to dey carry people bag up and down. big fool. Understand that I am not your mate.

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