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Big Brothe Naija, BBNaija 2021 housemates, Maria Chike Benjamin, and Boma Akpore, had a heated exchange last night over noise

This comes after Boma and Angel were having a discussion and laughing loudly under the duvet after nights out while the other housemates were trying to sleep.

Maria told Boma to reduce the noise as it was night out. This angered Boma who told her to close her ears id she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Their exchange got heated as Boma told Maria, “This is not your fathers house.”

Reacting to their fight, one Prince Oroso took to social media and wrote, “Maria own sef dey her body. But this Boma of a guy, no worry, continue to dey quarrel with woman, ur cup go soon full. Man wey like gossip pass woman’

One Ojo wrote, “But oga, you were the one that suggested excusing those sleeping. Na wa o”

Another user wrote, “That was too harsh if you ask me…Meanwhile Sega and Nini are still wide awake talking”

Lola Rhoda wrote, “That was so harsh from boma, jmk and mazi were gisting but they weren’t loud, boma came in and was loud, even Jackie b was pissed.”

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