‘You can’t frustrate me’ Actress Nkechi Blessing reacts after being dragged for chasing clout | The9jafresh

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has issued a warning to those repeatedly criticising her for chasing clout because she is always seen on the comment section of her colleagues.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Nkechi Blessing bragged about having direct contact with most of the people her critics idolise online, stating they often talk outside social media.

However, when she comments on their post, people attack her, thinking she is chasing clout.

Nkechi Blessing said she doesn’t wait for people to die before showing fake love adding that netizens cannot frustrate her on the photo and video sharing app.

The curvy actress added that she would not stop commenting on her colleagues Instagram page, and if anyone comes for her, she will go after them too.

She wrote: All the people you idolize on the gram, I have their direct contact, I mean we talk almost all the time outside the gram. Then if I manage to drop one or two comments on their post you attack me thinking I am chasing clout?

So I should wait for people to die before I show fake love? Ya all cant frustrate me out of this Instagram for real, cus I am not even stopping anytime soon. You see my comment anywhere and you come for me, I will come at you even harder.

Nkechi, who has often been tagged ‘Razz’ on social media, said she is not ready to be a broke celebrity instead, she would be a rich tout.

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