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Funke Akindele will not throw back stones at you - Eniola Badmus to Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham

Actress Eniola Badmus has subtly responded to actress Iyabo Ojo’s outburst where she accused Funke Akindele of paying a popular movie critic to run down Toyin Abraham’s movie.

Taking the bull by the horn, Iyaba Ojo summoned courage, stormed the critic’s Instagram page and expressed her disappointment. She accused Funke Akindele of being full of jealousy and negativity, adding that The Ghost and The Tout 2 will surpass Funke’s Omo Ghetto: The Saga

“How much did Funke pay you to write this rubbish? The day she begins to find ways not to talk to bad about her fellow colleagues or discredit their work or personality, that day she will begin to experience inner peace,” Angry Iyabo Ojo fumed.

Although Funke Akindele has shunned the outburst, Eniola Badmus has reacted on her behalf.

eniola badmus and funke akindele

Posting a message on her Instagram page in the wee hours of today, September 12, 2021, Eniola Badmus who happens to be one of Funke Akindele’s best friends wrote “When People throw you stones, it is because you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvest in you. Don’t go down to their level by throwing them back the stones, but throw them your fruits so the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways”

And Funke Akindele acknowledged the post saying “First time you making sense, thank God!

As expected many of her fans immediately deduced that the post was a subtle shade at Iyabo Ojo. One of them wrote “Iyabo Ojo should catch her sub ooooo! Who God has blessed, no man can curse, Omo Ghetto the Saga

The9jafresh recalls that Toyin Abraham on September 13, 2021 reacted to the claims of being in a competition with senior colleague Funke Akindele stressing that she doesn’t care who is doing better than her.

I don’t care who is doing better than me, I was doing better than I was last year” Toyin posted on Instagram.

The9jafresh recounts that their rivalry became pronounced after Toyin Abraham recently released a sequel to her one movies, The Ghost and The Tout for September 10, 2021 and interestingly, Funke Akindele who completely shunned Toyin’s movie poster also fixed the same date, September 10 for the release of her Omo Ghetto the Saga movie on Netflix, an act that divided their fans.

The rivalry grew wings over the weekend when Iyabo Ojo accused Funke Akindele of paying a popular movie critic to run down

“Not Recommended for intelligent people. Over the years, we have told you many truths but non Greater than this: Intelligent minds were not taken into consideration at all in the writing and in the making of ‘Ghost and The Tout Too‘.
Thusly, intelligent minds will not enjoy it at all.
Regardless of how flagrantly it copycats off ‘Ómó Ghetto: The Saga’ desperately hoping to shine like it. Unlike that one ‘The Ghost and The Tout Too’ doesn’t understand that movie-making is rooted in brain-work and not in using cinema to do “Yahoo”, abusing stardoms to fleece fandoms.

If you are intelligent, you are better off staying back home this weekend to watch ‘Ómó Ghetto: The Saga,” part of the critic’s review read.

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