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Lizzy Anjorin was Depressed During her Rift With Toyin Abraham, am Diplomatic – Esabod

Controversial blogger, Esabod said, as much as Lizzy Anjorin was depressed during her rift with Toyin Abraham.

She revealed this in her recent show on social media, telling people to stop telling her she has a personal relationship with Lizzy Anjorion, she further said she only came to rescue Lizzy Anjorin from Toyin Abraham and her fans because Lizzy was depressed.

Esabod further said I don’t belong to anybody and this is how bloggers should work.

In her word, she said:

I could remember Lizzy Anjorin contacted me during her rift with Toyin Abraham, I pity her because she cannot face the battle at that particular time, she has depression already, depression will make someone speaks for three to four hours on phone, I only came for her rescue, am not abide by her, people are saying she is my daughter, are you all mad, did I own her name in my children birth certificate?

We only met on Facebook, have never seen her physically before, that is what we called blogger, you have to be libra, you don’t have to be partial, she talks too much, and have warned her about her.

She further said: when I rescue Lizzy Anjorin I never directed my speech, Toyin Abraham. I only said people should leave her because she has restructured what she said, how come she is my daughter? have told many on social media to stop calling me their mummy, am not your sister, am not mummy, we just met on Facebook.

After I interfere I told her if she comes out again for Toyin Abraham, I come out for you, that is when she stopped. That is how the Titans (Toyin Abraham fans) stop bullying her because she knows she can’t handle them and Toyin won’t talk, but she has people to defend her.

So am diplomatic in their case.

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