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Brymo attacked by 2face Idibia for allegedly sleeping with his wife (Details)

Hours after calling out 2face for his involvement in a staged attack against him, Singer Brymo has slammed those criticizing him for dragging his colleague in the mud.

The9jafresh recalls that in series of tweets yesterday, Brymo had recounted his unpleasant experience with his colleague, 2face who had accused him of sleeping with his wife, Annie, not only that he went ahead to explain how he was lured and attacked by some gangsters instructed by 2face, who blatantly denied when confronted by him.

This response comes after Daddy Freeze had reacted to his allegation against 2face stating that Brymo’s timing is wrong whether he was saying the truth or not as 2face is currently down and should not be pulled down now.

Daddy Freeze wrote: Brymo, in my humble opinion, saying this is wrong… haba.. And the timing too, these people have gone through a lot…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t speak your truth, it’s just better to let certain dogs lie, and kicking a man when he is down is also not right.

According to Brymo, people talking down on him are wicked for saying he should not have to publicize his ordeal, adding that 2face pretends to be humble in public, but feeds off the self-esteem of family and friends in private and if he refuses to spill it out, 2face might end up accusing another artiste wrongly.

In his words;

And hush your “complicated writing” and “too much dr*g” banter, y’all will learn about indignation this time…some things should never be said, and when spewed must be retracted right there..this is war and it’s my Easy win, I waited almost two years to start!!.

Most you are down, excitedly too at such prospects, why your big mouths come ajar singing “it’s not that deep” ..una Day m*d??. First it was ass*ult and r*pe, now this.. una really wi*ked.. I’m not that guy, won’t let you pretend I am…

Innocent Idibia will never accuse another artiste this way ever again.. this is the last time!!!… I Waited, and now I’ll tell every soul how he runs around publicly feigning humility.. while privately having the self-esteem of family and friends for dessert!!.. No more!!

Mayb in my former life I would b*ng every one my fiery eyeballs landed on.. maybe what everyone sees.. I was a god king.. not this time. And no matter how many allegations, I’ll live long, in boundless health and means..! and I’ll live with my child still alive.

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