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‘Those who made it without social media are very lucky’ Skit maker Taaooma speaks on competition in entertainment industry

Fast-rising comedian and skit maker Apaokagi Adedoyin Mariam, popularly known as Taaooma, has cried out over the increased competition in the entertainment industry.

This comes following Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp outages which occurred on Monday and left users frustrated.

Reacting to a post shared on a blog, Taaooma opined that everyone is nothing without the media and appreciates social media for giving people like her a chance to chase her dreams and exhibit her work without any association of some set of elites.

Taaooma applauded every celebrity who made it to the limelight without social media stating there were less competition and people swallowed whatever content and quality they were offered.

The comedian added that social media has made the entertainment industry very competitive, leaving people with several alternatives, and young people do not need to wait for an exhibition to showcase their talents.

Right now, everyone is nothing without media. Big thanks to social media for giving us the chance to chase our dreams and exhibit our works without waiting on any association or some set of elites.

However, those who made it when social media wasn’t a thing are very lucky. Why? There was less competition, we only knew a few products, brands, and people.

We couldn’t even compare talents and celebrities that much, we ate and swallowed whatever content/professionalism/ product quality we were offered. But now, it’s very very competitive, if your nextflix movie isn’t nice, we switch to the next available one easily. If you need any product/services, just open Instagram and watch how different brands will be suggested. Strong competition.

For musicians, it was only Alaba, no streaming money. Now you can make music from the corner of ur room and live comfortably off streaming money. No need to beg one marketer in Alaba.

If you dream to be a popular actor, you can do your thing without auditioning… bring out your phone, shoot, exhibit on YouTube/Instagram, and you’ll make money on top sef.


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