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‘I’d prefer to call him nature’ Regina Daniels pays a lovely tribute to her husband on his birthday.

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‘I’d prefer to call him nature’ Regina Daniels pays a lovely tribute to her husband on his birthday.

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, took to social media today, December 21, 2021, to congratulate her husband, Ned Nwoko, on his birthday.

Regina Daniels, who shared images of their trip to the Dead Sea, said she likes to refer to her husband as Ned Nwoko nature since there’s so much to discover about him.

Regina Daniels also expressed gratitude to her husband for going above and beyond to make his family happy.

She wrote: I’d prefer to call him Nature…In whom there’s so much to take from, and enough to learn from. If there’d be a synonymous word to describe a great soul such as yours then it should be Nature! Nature is beautiful at all time! Favorable to us and difficult on us sometimes.

I guess that’s why it’s called nature! your love towards us cannot be measured!! Thank you for all you do, for always going extra mile to see smiles on our faces ….We appreciate you always. And love you Happy birthday Baby.

‘I’d prefer to call him nature’ Regina Daniels pays a lovely tribute to her husband on his birthday.
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“I was emotionally drained”, Bovi’s wife talks about her experience with an ectopic pregnancy.

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pjimage246 1300x709 1 | The9jafresh

Kris Ugboma, the wife of famed Nigerian comedian Bovi, described how an ectopic pregnancy damaged one of her fallopian tubes, forcing her to undergo surgery.

Bovi’s wife revealed that she began experiencing chronic stomach discomfort on January 14, 2022, in an extended Instagram post in which she shared videos and photographs of herself in the hospital.

Following examinations, it was determined that an ectopic pregnancy had perforated her womb, necessitating emergency surgery.

“I’m sorry you have an ectopic pregnancy and it’s ruptured in one of your tubes. You are bleeding in your tummy. You have to go into surgery immediately,” she quoted the doctor as saying.

She said: “In a matter of minutes, they were prepping me for surgery; COVID-19 test, setting up a line, and just movements in and out of the room.

“I couldn’t process what was going on. I needed strength at that point, I couldn’t even pray. I couldn’t call anyone because the last thing I wanted was to panic.

“So it was just Bovi and two of my friends (Nwando and Kaine) who already knew what was going on. For the first time in my life, I really craved strength. And it was beyond physical strength.

“I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. Nwando and her mum had rushed down to the hospital the minute I told her. Bovi was in panic and I just hoped in God.

“Before I was wheeled into the theatre, all I could say was, ‘I am going to come out alive and stronger.’

“I testify today of God’s faithfulness to me. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be well, and most of all, I am very grateful to have good people, a strong support system around me.

“This new year, I am alive and well and I’d be back home to my family and this party called life; soon.”

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“Stop posting Mercy Aigbe son’s picture with that of new husband”, Nigerian lady place warning

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Mercy Aigbes son 1300x709 1 | The9jafresh

Mercy Aigbe’s admirers have been advised not to mix up her son’s image with that of her new husband, Adekaz, according to a Nigerian lady.

Mercy Aigbe formally revealed the identify of her new husband on Sunday afternoon, kicking off the drama. This attracted a variety of reactions from supporters, the majority of whom labeled her a wife snatcher.

Similarly, some admirers said that Aigbe’s son, Lanre Gentry, whom she bore for her ex-husband, looked like her new husband Kazeeem Adeoti a.k.a Adekaz.

capture8788441794304573595 | The9jafresh
“Stop posting Mercy Aigbe son’s picture with that of new husband”, Nigerian lady place warning 79

The fan, @Badmansophss made the statement on Twitter.

According to her:” Please stop posting mercy aigbe’s son’s picture side by side her new husband and saying the new husband is the father. Please stop. Unless you have the DNA result and it confirms the man is the father, you’re only causing problems for the child. Stop it”.

Her statement has sparked various reactions from Nigerians on social media.

@Nairoibbie: Mercy Aigbe didn’t cause problem for the boy. It is a stranger online that pointed out the obvious that is causing problems. In this life there are consequences and mercy doesn’t seem to be bothered

@Ayo_Aleshinloye: Are you sure you are the daughter of the man you grew up with?

 @Bimbolabim: Na we dey cause problems for the child ? Not his mother ? Interesting

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Kazeem Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe’s new husband, talks about his 20-year marriage and children.

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adeoti and wives 1300x591 1 | The9jafresh

Following his secret wedding to actress Mercy Aigbe, Kazeem Adesoji Adeoti, better known as Adekaz, the founder and chairman of Adekaz Production Limited, has been in the news for days.

Mercy Aigbe made their wedding and pre-wedding photographs public on Instagram a few hours ago, and social media has been buzzing with varied views since then, according to The9jafresh.

Adekaz responded to the recent uproar by writing, “t’s A New Dawn.”

The Vision Is Clear. Allahu Akbar, Bismillahi… Robil Al-amin, Alhamdulillah…”

This comes six months after he extensively celebrated the birthday of his first wife, Funso.

244536557 378021160665780 5214424097974778064 n 384x480 15051485137834708760 | The9jafresh
Kazeem Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe's new husband, talks about his 20-year marriage and children. 91
244438975 286431846639032 6057684659027368121 n 384x480 14311785428159660346 | The9jafresh
Kazeem Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe's new husband, talks about his 20-year marriage and children. 92

Talking about his previous wife Funso and their kids in a recent interview, Adekaz said “We got married about 22 years. I got married in 2002 and I’m blessed with beautiful children. I have both sexes. I have four children in total. I do attend parties, but the point is I’m a quiet person, even if I’m at an event I’m always quiet, even when I was younger. But I’m a sociable person. I enjoy my business as well.

I work hard and when it comes to having fun I party hard, but at least I enjoy myself. It doesn’t have to be loud, but when I mean to, I enjoy myself. I go out to have fun and I do have fun. I relax with my kids. I love having my kids around me; I love to be at home watching movies with them or to be at the cinema. I travel a lot as well; it could be within or outside the country. But I love to be around my family a lot.”

He is now married to Mercy, a mum of two.

mercy and adekaz308420936119827134 | The9jafresh
Kazeem Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe's new husband, talks about his 20-year marriage and children. 93

Mercy Aigbe had separated from Mr. Lanre Gentry, father of her son in 2017.

Though the union crashed irretrievably later, the estranged couple would always throw shades at each other on social media especially on Father’s and Mother’s Days.

By September 2021, Gentry got married to another woman amidst pomp. He even granted interviews stating the many courts his former wife dragged him to in order to set a divorce.

Gentry is Mercy Aigbe’s second husband.

On the 31st of December, 2021 Adekaz and Mercy had a private Nikkai in Lagos, where she was christened Aminah (which she shortened to Minnah). Only a few people were present at the ceremony. There was also a traditional Engagement ceremony held at the same venue. Officially Mrs Adeoti, an excited Mercy announced the new name to her followers on social media later that day (which was also her birthday eve) with a video of her outfit of the day flaunting her new wedding band. Many of her friends flooded her timelines to congratulate her.

On January 1, 2022 at her house in Ogudu,  Lagos where she hosted friends and family to a soiree, Adeoti aka Adekaz was fully on ground and he played the role of a husband diligently. He was up and about, ensuring that guests had a good time. Also, on January 3, at the New Year dance party headlined by King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall in Lekki, the newlyweds were an item all through the event.

Since she left her ex-hubby, this will be the first time Mercy would be flaunting a man publicly. This doesn’t mean that she wasn’t romantically linked with some big names either.

But if you think her currently-married ex, Lanre Gentry would be calm about this new union in Nollywood, then you are wrong. Few hours after Mercy’s announcement of her ‘boo’s birthday’, Gnetry had put up a post on Instagram featuring a throwback photo of himself, Mercy, Adekaz and wife. This insinuated that Mercy must have been sleeping with Adekaz even when he (Gentry) thought Adekaz was a family friend!

gentry throwback 610x472 1281294982420573786929927. | The9jafresh
Kazeem Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe's new husband, talks about his 20-year marriage and children. 94

He captioned it, “At last I thank God the truth is out this is just one out of many to God be the glory. I don’t need anyone’s comment please.”

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