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It’s your husband I pity – Fans criticize Janemena for referring to herself as the richest twerker.

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It’s your husband I pity - Fans criticize Janemena for referring to herself as the richest twerker.

Janemena, a popular Instagram dancer, has been criticized on social media for claiming to be the richest twerker.

Twerking is a sexy dance that involves thrusting or shaking the buttocks and hips while squatting or bending over.

“Sweetest, freshest, cleanest richest twerker ever liveth,” Janemena stated in her Instagram story.

“If I don’t hype myself, who is going to hype me?”

It’s your husband I pity - Fans criticize Janemena for referring to herself as the richest twerker. 55

As expected her statement has elicited different reactions from her fans.

@Zeefoodhubng: Na wetin u for jeje dey do. But u chose to always come and embarrass ur self and ur people

@officialbobbyfredrick Na ur husband I just dey pity, what kind of man allows his legal wife n mother of his kids shamelessly disgracing their marriage to all n sundry…ur kayamata strong my darling

@Heatherlovesafrobeat: Whenever ppl shout on social media how rich they are they usually aren’t wealthy at all 😂 just my opinion lmao

@Iamkingdinero1: Wish sometimes we fit just rest from this social media , the kind unimaginable peace you will get eh you sef go shock

@Nenen_george: So are we still twerking together t o court or is mission aborted?

@talktoosa: Is twerking a profession,?

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Actress Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband Lanre Gentry responsed concerning Nigerians calling for a DNA test for his son, Juwon

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Mercy Aigbes son 1300x709 2 | The9jafresh

Lanre Gentry, a Nigerian businessman and Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, has responded to people who have urged him to take a DNA test on his son Juwon.

Netizens have noticed a resemblance between Kazim and Juwon, Mercy Aigbe’s kid, only hours after her ex-husband Lanre Gentry said the truth about Mercy Aigbe’s clandestine affair with many movie marketers is finally out.

According to some, Juwon may be mistaken for Kazim Adoti’s biological son due to their striking similarity.

While some internet users urged Lanre Gentry to take a DNA test to determine their son’s paternity, others recalled Lanre’s statement to Mercy Aigbe about refusing to pay another man’s child’s school tuition.

Reacting to a comment on his Instagram page, Lanre Gentry said that Juwon is his son and does not need any DNA test amidst the striking resemblance with Mercy Aigbe’s new husband.

He wrote: I don’t need any DNA Juwon is my son 100%

The9jafresh recalls Laide Bakare recently pitched her tent with Funsho Adeoti, the estranged wife of Mercy Aigbe’s new husband Kazim Adeoti, hours after congratulating her.

Hours after Mercy Aigbe shared photos of her new husband celebrating him ahead of his birthday, Laide Bakare was among the Nollywood stars who stormed her comment section with congratulatory messages.

A few hours later, Laide Bakare was seen goofing around the comment section of Funsho Adeoti, consoling her over the marriage crisis.

Funsho Adeoti, in a post shared on her social media page, appreciates everyone stating that losing a person who doesn’t respect or appreciate someone is a gain and not a loss.

She wrote: Losing someone who doesn’t respect or appreciate you is actually a gain not a loss… thank you all

Reacting to the post, Laide Bakare wrote: Eyah hmmmm it is well

gentry lanre2506509495537241281 | The9jafresh
Actress Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband Lanre Gentry responsed concerning Nigerians calling for a DNA test for his son, Juwon 76
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Drunk in love! Actress Mercy Aigbe hints on going on honeymoon with new husband

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Mercy Aigbe 7 1300x709 1 | The9jafresh

Mercy Aigbe and her new husband, Kazim Adeoti, have been making news for the past 24 hours, ever since the publicity-loving actress decided to open up about her marriage to the film marketer on Sunday.

Her announcement drew a lot of backlash on social media. Mercy, on the other hand, appeared to be unforgiving of her critics, as she continued to share loving photographs of herself and her new spouse on social media.

The Magdivas boss has hinted at going on honeymoon with her new husband in a fresh development.

While thanking everyone who wished her spouse a happy birthday, Aigbe hinted to this.

According to her:” One last post for today, I promise 🙏😂 Y’all know that I am so big on birthdays and this particular one is very special, so make una no vex 😂🙏

As the assistant birthday girl😁, on behalf of my boo, I will like to say a very big thank you to y’all for the posts, congratulatory messages, prayers, well wishes etc! To everyone who sent gifts to me to give him, I say a very very big thank you 🙏 cc @kazimadeoti@adekazproductions

God bless each and everyone of you, and perfect all that concerns 🙏❤️

Honeymoon ✈️

To God be all the Glory 🙏🙏

Sweetdreams my lovelies”.

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“You all have dirty secrets”, Filmmaker Faith Ojo slams celebs using fake accounts to troll her

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Screenshot 20220125 115657 Chrome | The9jafresh

Faith Ojo, a Nigerian filmmaker, has stood behind Mercy Aigbe since she was involved in the husband-snatching controversy.

Ojo had previously greeted Kazeem Adeoti(Adekaz), whom she describes to as her inlaw, a happy birthday on Instagram.

In her message she wrote:” Happy Birthday to my inlaw @adekazproductions @kazimadeoti you have brought light to my sister’s heart, as you celebrate today, I wish you an amazing year filled with all of the blessings you seek. Have a special birthday”.

Her birthday message elicited many reactions from Nigerians with  some individuals berating her for supporting Mercy Aigbe.

In her reaction, Faith Ojo via a video shared on her Instagram page alleged that some of those trolling her are celebrities hiding behind fake Instagram accounts.

According to her: ”You all have dirty secrets. Why can’t you just mind your business.Stop harassing people you are not getting paid for it. Everybody knows that these bunch of fake accounts belongs to  bunch of celebrities. I want you guys to stop doing this so God can continue to bless you.People have been using fake accounts to troll me and comment on my direct message (DM).

Her video has sparked various reactions on social media with many telling her to also mind her business.

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