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‘Keep my name off your lips, I’ve never heard of you’ – Kemi Olunloyo fires back at Ruth Kadiri for siding DJ Switch

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‘Keep my name off your lips, I’ve never heard of you’ – Kemi Olunloyo fires back at Ruth Kadiri for siding DJ Switch

The last has not been heard of actress cum Filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri and controversial journalist and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo.

Kadiri had warned Olunloyo to desist from bulling DJ Switch or any other person with her position.

According to Kadiri, she would not keep quiet, fold her hands and watch Olunloyo always taunting DJ Switch, ‘It is unacceptable’ she said.
“Everyone always looks away until the worst happens. Then we start shouting justice for.  #kemiolunloyo  is the number social media bully I know, from bully children to adults, everyone sees this, fratanizes with her or looks the other way.  She will pick on you and make you her subject for a year. For fear of this, everyone is quiet.  It is ok, not to share Dj switches sentiments. You have right you can stand with who ever you want.  But constantly taunting her. Calling her out. It is unacceptable. And I will not be a passerby who watches and is quiet. #saynoyobullying,” Ruth Kadiri wrote.

This is coming after Kemi Olunloyo alleged that popular disc jockey, Catherine Udeh, professionally known as DJ Switch, misled Nigerians with her report on last year’s Lekki Toll Gate event.

Well, Kemi Olunloyo has fired back at Ruth Kadiri, claiming that she doesn’t know the actress and would advise her to leave her name off her lips.

Taking to her Instagram page, she warned Ruth Kadiri to take off the ‘bullying post’ off her page or she would unleash her fans on her.

She wrote: “Dear @ruthkadiri I appreciate if you please KEEP MY NAME OFF YOUR MOUTH. I have sent you a DM. I’ve never heard of you till today possibly because I’m not a film watcher nor found you notable. I must educate you about bullying. This is not the time to drag my work as I don’t drag yours. Know what an investigative journalist does. If I report about someone I investigated and you don’t like it, it’s NOT BULLYING. It’s the bitter truth. I am asking you to pls pls pls REMOVE the post that has you bullying and harassing me with hate speech to your fans. You don’t want to get into a long drawn fight with me. If I have people flag that post @instagram will remove it and will count it as censored community guidelines violation. You have no right to shame and degrade me.”
She continued: “I HAVE CHILDREN OLDER THAN YOU AND I AM OLDER THAN YOUR MOTHER. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. People will call me wicked if I start with you. You went into depression, have a child to care for and even threatened your own colleagues with their choice of votes during elections. You said Nigerians don’t deserve help yet you portray this Angel nice demeanor to your fans. Pleeeease leave me alone and don’t talk about me. Your DM is below. Keep your mouth OFF MY WORK as I don’t know yours.”

Exposing what she had sent to Ruth Kadiri’s DM, Kemi Olunloyo wrote: “CHECK YOUR DM. Ruth pls take down that post off your page calling me a social media bully. I’m old enough to give birth to you at 33. My children are 35, 30 and 21. It’s uncalled for. Let sleeping dogs lie. I’m an investigative journalist and an opinion journalist. I don’t bully people. #419massacre is a documentary of what I found on my #Lekkitollgate investigation #IJLekkimassacre. Your post is downright offensive and I don’t want my own fans to start flagging your post. Plssss keep my name off your mouth plsss. I do not know you or interfere or criticize your work, pls don’t interfere with mine. You should apologize for this. It’s very unfair and disrespectful. Pls don’t open can of worms or unnecessary beefs “

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Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography – Age, Career, Education, Marriage and Net Worth

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Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography – Age, Career, Education, Marriage and Net Worth
Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography – Age, Career, Education, Marriage and Net Worth

We at The9jafresh will be discussing on all you need to know about Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Family and Net Worth

Getting to know more about  Mercy Aigbe Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Family and Net Worth

Mercy Aigbe, a Nigerian actress, producer, director, and businesswoman best known for her Yoruba indigenous films, has a biography.

Mercy Aigbe was born on January 1, 1978, in Benin City, the capital of Edo State in Nigeria’s south-central region.

Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography
Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography
NameMercy Aigbe
Date of Birth1st of January, 1978
Age44 (2022)
State of OriginEdo State
Place of BirthBenin City, Edo State
Marital StatusMarried
OccupationActress, Businesswoman
Net Worth$1.1 million 
Mercy Agbe Biography

Mercy Aigbe is a Nollywood actress, director, and businesswoman who was born in Benin City, Edo State Capital, on January 1, 1978.

Mercy Aigbe Early Life

Mercy Aigbe was born on January 1, 1978, in Edo State, to a Yoruba mother, Mrs Abisola Grace Owodunni, and an Edo father, Pa Aigbe.

Mercy, the second child of a family of five, is from Benin, the capital of Edo State in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.

Mercy Aigbe Education

She began her studies at St. Francis primary school before transferring to Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos.

She earned an OND in Financial Studies after graduating from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State. She went on to the University of Lagos, Akoka, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts.

Mercy Aigbe Career

Mercy Aigbe’s acting career began with the popular television drama series. Mercy officially entered the Nollywood industry in 2006 as a professional.

She rose to prominence after appearing in the film ‘Ara,’ directed by Remi Olupo and shot in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Mercy Agibe Marriage

Mrercy was married twice, the first time due to her mother-in-alleged law’s meddling due to their cultural differences.

Mercy Aigbe married for the first time in 2013 to Lanre Gentry, a Nigerian hotelier, and the couple had two children together (Juwon Gentry and Michelle Aigbe).

Her marriage ended after she accused her spouse of assaulting her.

In 2022, Mercy Aigbe married ibaka TV ceo for the third time. She married the ceo, who already has four children, according to reports.

Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry
Gentry e1494358722198 1 | The9jafresh
Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography – Age, Career, Education, Marriage and Net Worth 76

Lanre Jenty was the Husband of Mercy Aigbe. The duo got married in 2013 and her currenly seperated due to marital violance.

Mercy Aigbe Children
Mercy Aigbe Children 2 | The9jafresh
Actress Mercy Aigbe Biography

Mercy Aigbe has two children; one from her previous relationshp while the other one is from Lanre’s marriage. Michelle who is her first daughter was given birth in her first marriage and Juwon Gentry Gentry is the son of Lanre Gentry.

Mercy Aigbe Father

Who is Mercy Aigbe father? Mercy Aigbe father is Pa Aigbe. He hails from Benin City, the Edo State Capital.

Mercy Aigbe Mother
aigbe mum liquid soap | The9jafresh
Actress Mercy Aigbe Mother

Who is Mercy Aigbe mother? Mercy Aigbe Mother is Abisola Grace Owodunni. She is a Yoruba woman.

Mercy Aigbe Elder Sister
img 4375 1068x1335 1 | The9jafresh
Actress Mercy Aigbe Sister

Who is the elder sister of Mercy Aigbe? The elder sister of Mercy Aigbe is Joy Aigbe. She lost her life to Sickle cell complications

Mercy Aigbe Instagram

She connects and interacts with her millions of fans on the social media platfrom, Instagram. She has 10.2 million followers of January, 2022. Her handle is @realmercyaigbe.

Mercy Aigbe Net Worh

Mercy Aigbe is reported to be the the second richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria. Her net worth in 2021 is $1.1 million.

Thank you for taking the time to read Mercy Aigbe Biography And Net Worth to the end; Please help us out by sharing this article with your friends and family on social media. Before you leave, you might want to check out More Biography and Net Worth on The9jafresh

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‘Must you chase clout to drop a new music’ Nigerians drags Singer Davido over issues with his cousin

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‘Must you chase clout to drop a new music’ Nigerians drags Singer Davido over issues with his cousin

David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, has been criticized on social media for continually chasing clout whenever he wants to promote a new music project.

On Tuesday, Davido took to Twitter to chastise his cousin Dele Adeleke over his desire to run for governor of Osun alongside his uncle Ademola.

Davido slammed Dele Adeleke for writing about his mother’s death in a story about his political ambitions in a new post on Wednesday.

Davido revealed that he had opened a case for his cousin this year and urged him to stay in tune, as well as announcing that a new song would be released tomorrow.

He wrote: The truth hurt that much you had to go that low to mention your aunty Vero that care for you… well..I don open my case for the year @deleadeleke001 stay tuned. New music 2moro.

Reacting to Davido’s tweet, some Nigerians slammed him, questioning if he is not tired of the trend of chasing clout and being in the news before he releases a song that will end up flopping.

Shineboi wrote: It’s clear. Na normal thing. last son na orphanage he use chase clout. Son don tank now na new one e wan drop. Man must you chase clout to drop new music

Evergreen Davido Madueke wrote: Everytime you want to release a project there will be clout before it ain’t u tired of this pattern?? Go sort your family issues biko.

Lil Durk wrote: Davido wants to release a song this week and he has started using clout on tuesday.A typical Davido always wanting to be in the news anytime he wants to release a project thatwill end up flopping.

Davido 2 | The9jafresh
Nigerians drags Singer Davido
Davido 3 | The9jafresh
Nigerians drags Singer Davido
Nigerians drags Singer Davido
Nigerians drags Singer Davido
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As the NDLEA arrests skit maker De General, Mr Macaroni blows hot.

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As the NDLEA arrests skit maker De General, Mr Macaroni blows hot.

As the NDLEA arrests skit maker De General, Mr Macaroni blows hot.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested Chukwuyem Jude Israel, also known as De General, a comedian (NDLEA).

According to The9jafresh, the comedian went live on Instagram to show when the operatives broke into his apartment early on Wednesday, January 12.

De General
De General

De General was seen having a verbal exchange with the operators, who instructed him to turn off the live feed. After he declined, operatives pounced on him, claiming he wanted the entire world to know what was going on.

Screenshot 28 | The9jafresh
Mr Macaroni

“Let the world know what is happening. Do you people even know my fundamental human rights? We will just escalate this matter, let everybody see it,” he responded to the officer who asked him to stop the video.

Ndlea and De general
As the NDLEA arrests skit maker De General, Mr Macaroni blows hot. 102

Popular  skit maker Mr. Macaroni criticized the NDLEA for the arrest.

“So you people’s work is to enter people’s houses in the middle of the night to beat and harass citizens. This is happening right now. We don’t know where they have taken him to. Oppressors everywhere,” he tweeted.

A spokesman of the NDLEA Femi Babafemi confirmed to TheCable Lifestyle that De General is being held in the agency’s custody.

He also alleged that certain illegal drugs were found on the skit maker during the raid, thereby necessitating his arrest.

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the invasion of De General’s home and his arrest.

@isbae_U: This is  heartbreaking  no ooo naa

@Adukegold1: awless country! He manage to make it through comedy….. .you are after him….well search him well …..if the guy is innocent…then let him call his lawyer!

@Monicafriday1: Everyone need cctv at home in this messed up Naija. Na evil friend go first kill you, avoid them.

@Khalifa_ty: So that woman that looks like a house help is also an NDLEA official?

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