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Sylvester Oromoni’s death: Ubi Franklin offered juicy deals as tools to manipulate the situation


Nigerian music executive Ubi Franklin has reportedly rejected a juicy bribe from one of the families of suspected bullies of Sylvester Oromoni to manipulate the situation.

This was disclosed by Instagram blogger Cutie Julls alleging that one of the families of the suspected bullies has been bribing some people to cover up the incident and blame it on Sylvester Oromoni’s family.

According to the reports, Ubi Franklin was reached out to, and he openly declined the offer and stood for justice for Sylvester.

The blogger added that one of the errands people being used stated that Ubi Franklin blasted him on the phone and refused to accept the bribe as a tool to manipulate the issue.

The post reads: justice for sylvester junior. I want to really commend Ubi Franklin for his support and standing on his grounds

One of the bullying families have been bribing a lot of people and in the course they reached out to him with juicy deals to use him as one of the main tools to manipulate the situation and blame it on Sylvester’s family but Ubi declined every offer and stood for justice for Sylvester.

As a human rights activist, I really commend Ubi. It’s sad that some rich and affluent in society always find ways to interfere with justice.

One of their errands people they use categorically informed us how Ubi blasted him on phone last week and we couldn’t help but to applaud Ubi for his actions.

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