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“The moment you don’t have money to give, you become the worst person” – Annie Idibia speaks on entitlement


Nigerian actress, Annie Idibia has shared her displeasure about friends and family who feel too entitled to another person’s money.

In an Instagram post, the actress condemned the feeling of entitlement from family members who feel their requests should always be granted at all times.

She also talked about the fact that these people switch and suddenly forget the good deeds done for them, once they are deprived of a particular thing they requested for.

According to Annie, once there is no money to give out anymore, they automatically become bad in their eyes, and all the good deeds are forgotten.

In her words:

“They never gonna stop. And it’s harder to say no cause it’s family or that friend sadly. They all feel entitled. Help is good. More heartbreaking is the moment you don’t have to give, that moment you become the worst person. Then all the 20 good deeds turn to 21 bad deeds”

Annie Idibia
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