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Actress Funke Akindele, Bimbo Ademoye, Others react as Bisola Aiyeola shows off her beautiful daughter (video)

Actress Funke Akindele, Bimbo Ademoye, Others react as Bisola Aiyeola shows off her beautiful daughter (video)

Nollywood actress and 1st runner upBisola Aiyeola, of Big Brother Naija season 2 (See Gobe), has gotten fans gushing about her gorgeous baby, Leyla.

Bisola Aiyeola released a video on Instagram where she and her daughter, along with actress Bimbo Ademoye, dished out some dancing skills..

Bisola Aiyeola wrote: Throwback to when Leyla and I were giving grace steps and @bimboademoye just came and gave us some sweet cultural dance moves.

Bisola Aiyeola shows off
Bisola Aiyeola shows off

Celebrities such as Kiekie, Khafi, Jemima Osunde, Bimbo Ademoye, Funke Akindele, and Steve Chuks could not help but gush over Bisola Aiyeola’s daughter while some made funny comments on Bimbo Ademoye’s dance steps.

funkejenifaakindele: Wetin Bimbo Dey dance.

liloaderogba:@bimboademoye what were you doing dear. Well Layla did it best

bimboademoye: I wonnnnn. Look at my neice. My leilei.

kie_kie__: E jor Shey Bimbo o se rehearsal ni?? Seee cute Layla tho


acupofkhafi: Awww beautiful Leyla she

The9jafresh recounts that when Bisola Aiyeola revealed the touching narrative of how she reared her daughter, Leyla, many people became emotional and shed a tear as a result.

Bisola Aiyeola shared her story of overcoming challenges as a single parent without the support of family or friends. She went on to talk about the day her fiance proposed to her and how they ended up not getting married.

“I had Leyla when I was 23. It wasn’t the best of times. You know they tell you when a young girl get belle, e dey easy, na lie! It’s a bloody lie. Now I want to have a kid but I’m lowkey dreading it because her pregnancy was a tough one. I used to throw up a minimum of 4 times every single day until about 6/7 months.

It was so bad that if I had any food – spittle, then bile, then blood would come out. I was the skinniest I have ever been in my life until the last trimester when I started retaining fluid. Her labor was tough, it was three days. I fell into labor Wednesday and had her on Friday at night.

At the time I got pregnant and I found out and I told Leyla’s dad, his response was such a huge relief. So the day I told him, he was like “Ah great, we’re having a baby.” I didn’t expect that from him. He used to be such a sweet boyfriend, very sweet. I don’t know what went wrong, what happened before the shift came. But he used to be so sweet. And with that response from him, I felt like yeah we were going to take on the world. Then he proposed. We never got married.

There was a time I was feeding my daughter garri. I was feeding my baby garri. Like we will allow the garri soak. We didn’t have diapers, we would have to use my momsy’s old scarves, her gele, buba and iro, use am do napkin. Then cut polythene bag into X shape and tie so she can use and sleep. This was 2009/2010. She was still a baby not even talking yet. We will wait for the garri to swell, then get like N10 jagu, shake it, mix it inside. Feed her. You will not know that this child it’s garri we’re feeding her. I’m telling you. God really hid my shame with my daughter.”

Bisola Aiyeola shows off

Bisola Aiyeola shows off

Bisola Aiyeola shows off

Bisola Aiyeola shows off

Bisola Aiyeola shows off

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