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“Mama is very active” Video of Actress Bimbo Oshin 93-year-old mother

“Mama is very active.” Video of actress Bimbo Oshin’s 93-year-old mother

Many Nigerians’ hearts have been warmed by a video that went viral showing actress Bimbo Oshin’s mother, who is 93 years old. The video was uploaded by the actress’s friend and colleague, Jaiye Kuti.

“That’s our mama at 93, that’s Bimbo’s mum,” Jaiye Kuti said in the video and mama in turn waved at the camera and said “Hi, Yes I am Bimbo’s mum, halleluyah”

Many fans gushed over mama’s active response despite her old age.

One Bukunmi wrote, “She looks good for 93yrs, God will give her more strength.”

One Tosin wrote, “Máma looks amazing for 93yrs, Jehovah continue to bless, may she continue to age with grace and good health.

Watch the video below:

Actress Bimbo Oshin

According to The9jafresh, Bimbo has recently been in the news since her colleague Kunle Afod uploaded a photo of her on Instagram with a caption begging for prayers for her.

Kunle Afod issued a call to prayer for a Yoruba actress on Friday night, May 20, but he did not disclose the nature of the thespian’s illness to the Nigerian public.


Kunle commended Bimbo Oshin’s remarkable qualities and characterized her as being lovely on the inside and out. He also shared a photo of her with his audience.

“She’s beautiful inside out. Send a word of prayer to her tonight”

Actress Bimbo Oshin
Actress Bimbo Oshin

In response to this, many fans began assuming and speculating that the actress was dealing with a health issue that was kept secret from the public.

Bimbo Oshin took to Instagram to dispel the rumor and provide an explanation as to why Kunle Afod had prayed for her. She stated that the photo that Kunle had uploaded was taken on the set of a movie, and that he was simply trying to show his appreciation for her.

“We were on a movie set when this picture was taken. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. @kunleafod was the director of the said movie, Kunle Afod was only appreciating me by this post. God bless you and be with you all in Jesus name,” she wrote.

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