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Singer Kizz Daniel announces winner of ‘Buga challenge’

Singer Kizz Daniel announces winner of ‘Buga challenge’

The winner of the “Buga” dance challenge has been revealed, after the artist Kizz Daniel spent many weeks gathering entries for the competition.

Kizz Daniel and the multi-talented musician Tekno collaborated about a month ago on the release of a new tune called “BUGA.” The song was an instant smash, particularly due to the distinctive and straightforward dance moves that were characterized by the song.

The dance eventually gave rise to a competition known as the #Bugachallenge, which was made available to anybody and everyone. The participant who achieved the maximum level of involvement was going to be declared the winner and will receive one million naira as their prize.

The challenge was participated in by a large number of Nigerians, including notable public figures, but the contestant who won the hearts of many was a young child still wearing diapers. Kizz Daniel chose her as the winner because of her humorous dance moves, which garnered a lot of involvement from the audience.

The9jafresh recounts that Kizz Daniel once published a video of a baby girl dressed in diapers participating in the internet-wide phenomenon known as the “Buga challenge.”

In a statement, Kizz Daniel suggested that the newborn girl might have been the victor of the competition since she danced so expertly.

Many people on social media are raving about how happy they are after seeing a video of a baby jumping and dancing with excitement.

Kizz Daniel wrote the following after announcing her as the winner a few hours ago:


Basing off on engagement, HERE IS THE WINNER OF OUR 1 million naira #bugachallenge 🦚 FOR THIS ROUND!! She is so adorable, I want to steal her 😂❤️🤗. @ozim_chionye_elvira
Now let’s take it to #5m for the next winner. #BUGA 🦚 #BUGACHALLENGE 🦚

Kizz Daniel announces winner
Kizz Daniel announces winner

Kizz Daniel announces winner

Kizz Daniel announces winner

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