Nollywood Actor Damola Olatunji and his wife Bukola Arugba Celebrate their twins birthday as they clock 6 today (photos) | 9jafresh
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Damola Olatunji is a popular Nollywood actor and movie producer known for Yoruba movies. He was born on February 2, the year of his birth not known in Edo Agbo in Osun State. He is the second child in a family of six children.

Damola is married to a co-actress in the industry, Bukola Awoyemi and the marriage is blessed with twins named Dave and Debby on January 3,2015.

The Actor Celebrate his twin 6th birthday today, Sharing the post on his Instagram page he wrote;

HALLELUYAH TAIWO AND KEHINDE OLATUNJI ARE A YEAR OLDERarkoffire #arkofwar #christourfoundationẸ̀jìrẹ́ ará ìṣokún.
Ọmọ ẹdun tíí ṣeré orí igi
Ó fẹsẹ̀ méjèèjì bẹ sílé alákìísa;
Ó salákìísà donígba aṣọ.
Gbajúmọ̀ ọmọ tíí gbàkúnlẹ̀ ìyá,
Tíí gbàdọ̀bálẹ̀ lọ́wọ́ baba tó bí í lọ́mọ.
Wínrinwínrin lójú orogún
Ejìwọ̀rọ̀ lojú ìyá ẹ̀.
Tani o bi ibeji ko n’owo?All twins hail from Isokun.
A relative of monkeys you are
Hoping and jumping from a tree branch to the other
Jumping helter-skelter,you landed in a wretched man’s place
Turning around his misfortunes
A rare set of children that commands undue honour and respect from their parents
To your stepmother, you are an unwelcome sight
But to your mother, you are both emperors of two empires!
Wouldn’t you love to be parents to twins ?Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ okin
Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ ti mo bi, ti mo jo
Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ ti mo bi, ti mo yó
Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ ara isokun
Omó édun nsere lori igiẸ̀jìrẹ́ wo ile olowo ko ló
O wo ile olola ko ló bé
Ile alakisá lo ló
Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ só alakisá di alasó
O só otosi di olowoBi Taiwo ti nló ni iwaju
Bééni, Kéhinde ntó lehin
Taiwo ni omode, Kehinde ni ebgon
Taiwo ni a ran ni sé
Pe ki o ló tó aiye wò
Bi aiye dara, bi ko daraO tó aiye wò. Aiye dun bi oyin
Taiwo, Kehinde, ni mo ki
Eji woró ni oju iya ré
O de ile oba térin-térin
Jé ki nri jé, ki nri muCharming twins
Twins that I gave birth, that resembles me
Twins that I gave birth, that make me happy
Twins inhabitants of Isokun
Children of the monkey who plays on the top of the treesTwins come into the house of the rich man and doesn’t go away
He comes into the house of the wealthy and doesn’t request anything
To the house of the filthy he goes
Twins watch the filthy man (and he) becomes dressed
He watches the poor man (and he) becomes richIf Taiwo goes ahead
Likewise Kéhinde remains behind
Taiwo is the child, Kéhinde is the elder
Taiwo is sent to get out first
I order to taste the world
(To see) either it is good or badHe tastes the world. The world is sweet as honey
Taiwo, Kéhinde I greet you
Only they two stand before the mother
He comes into the kings house laughing joyfully
Let us get something to eat (and) something to drink

See wife Bukola Arugba also Celebrate them sharing a picture of the twins the actress wrote;

HALLELUJAH iwo ni mo wa gbe ga, iwo ki mowa fiyin fun, Olorun mi toun gbe nibi giga iwo ni mo wa gbega, Oluwa E se , Oluwa E se fun mo o Baba, O Damian si tile tile, tomotomo , tebi Tara Oluwa E se fun mo o BABA , BABA BABA BABA BABAO BABA E SE O BABA E SE O BABA A DUPE BABA 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜my ejire ara isokun are 6 today. Everybody join me in praising GOD,I have seen HIS GOODNESS, join me in praising BABA … I pray in JESUSMIGHTY that all who want to laugh for their own joy to come, before the end of this year , they will laugh in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN

See their lovely photos below;

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